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  • Art Lane

    I’m using WP 3.5.2 and have discovered that some of my sites display your settings page just fine, while others only display a blank page. Any idea as to why?

    I reloaded your plugin several times with no success at getting the settings page to display and have deactivated the other plugins one by one, but cannot get the settings page to display.

    July 16, 2013Reply
    • admin

      Very strange… The Image with Code shows up on all of your blogs?

      July 24, 2013Reply
      • Hasan

        I can’t post your site because your captcha is always showing invalid why?

        December 5, 2013Reply
      • Scott

        I am having the same issue. Setting page does not show up. I have 2 other wordpress installs that this works just fine. No clue why it is like this on my primary site.

        December 14, 2015Reply
  • eCalm

    Hello. We are using WP 3.6.1. The image code is not showing on login pages. All I see is a broken image link (screen shot… http://goo.gl/93STa3). Any ideas? Thanks.

    September 16, 2013Reply
  • jibranseo

    hi Admin,
    i love your this website and i am your member, let me know that as i have posted an article on website with my username so why i am unable to publish that ?
    will you publish it your self ?

    September 21, 2013Reply
  • Andrew

    Installed on wordpress 3.2.1 options and primary functions working fine but the banned ips and logs do not show up at all under the options page, after “Visual Settings”.

    All we can see is the author’s information.

    Version installed of the “captcha” is 1.1.

    September 27, 2013Reply
  • K.Wai

    The text does not show in Google Chrome. Works in Firefox.

    October 7, 2013Reply
  • Jamie Selby

    Hi there, have just uploaded plugin to my site running latest update of 3.7. Despite entering captcha details correctly plugin is refusing login, any ideas?

    October 26, 2013Reply
  • Fabien

    i have several sites, running all in latest wordpress version 3.7.1, and some of them are having issue with your plugin, the image displays no letter at all, no matter if i reload the page or resend the plugin.

    It completly blocks my administration access, do you have any solution ?

    November 27, 2013Reply
    • Fabien

      I found the problem, your plugin doesn’t go along with HC Custom WP-Admin URL so i used another plugin to reroot admin url

      November 28, 2013Reply
  • Sergiy

    It seems plugin not always block IP address after 10 wrong logins.

    I have a lot of cases in log when somebody tried to enter wrong password even not trying to input CAPTCHA, but IP was not blocked.

    I see blocked IP once only.

    March 14, 2014Reply
  • Nilcilei

    Ola campeão! Tudo bem, eu gostaria Anderson que vc mandasse para mim uma vídeo aula ou uma matéria sobre como colocar a minha logo acima do painel administrativo do wordpress, se possível ! UM forte abraço (eu admiro o seu trabalho ).

    March 21, 2014Reply
  • LC Scott

    When I enter the image code, I’m still unable to access my sight. I get the following message, “The image code is incorrect. Try again.” What’s you process to uninstall the plugin?

    May 7, 2014Reply
    • admin

      Man, you can access your server throught FTP and delete the plugin folder. So, the WordPress system will deactivate it automatically for you on the next login.

      May 12, 2014Reply
  • Mediaworks pos as


    After using the plugin for a few monts I got a fatal error crashing my site.

    This is the error I get:

    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function plugin_basename() in /home/*****/public_html/wp-content/plugins/captcha-on-login/index.php on line 48

    May 15, 2014Reply
    • admin

      Hi. The function plugin_basename is an WP core function, take a look: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/plugin_basename

      It is located at: wp-includes/plugin.php

      So, you can open that file wp-includes/plugin.php on any editor and look for that function

      Another idea is you verify if the function don’t exist and declare it yourself. See how:


      function plugin_basename( $file ) {
      global $wp_plugin_paths;

      foreach ( $wp_plugin_paths as $dir => $realdir ) {
      if ( strpos( $file, $realdir ) === 0 ) {
      $file = $dir . substr( $file, strlen( $realdir ) );

      $file = wp_normalize_path( $file );
      $plugin_dir = wp_normalize_path( WP_PLUGIN_DIR );
      $mu_plugin_dir = wp_normalize_path( WPMU_PLUGIN_DIR );

      $file = preg_replace(‘#^’ . preg_quote($plugin_dir, ‘#’) . ‘/|^’ . preg_quote($mu_plugin_dir, ‘#’) . ‘/#’,”,$file); // get relative path from plugins dir
      $file = trim($file, ‘/’);
      return $file;


      So, just put the above code in the begining of the file public_html/wp-content/plugins/captcha-on-login/index.php.

      May 15, 2014Reply
  • Michele

    I noticed that the plugin does not recognize the difference between uppercase and lowercase words. Could you fix this bug by increasing the effectiveness of your plugin?

    June 30, 2014Reply
    • admin

      Michele, it isn’t a bug, you can limit how many wrong login tries… upercase and lowercase is most important on systems where hackers can try brute force attacks.

      September 6, 2014Reply
  • Major

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    July 8, 2014Reply
  • Bourgeois

    with WP W3TC + CDN i have difficulties to login specialy with chrome (always wrong image and finally blocked for one day).
    Is it possible to have a whitelist of IPs ?
    Where are stored the blocked IPs (flat file, database, where)?


    July 22, 2014Reply
    • admin

      Currently there is no option to whitelist ips… and the blocked IPs is sotred on database at wp options table with the field name “Anderson_Makiyama_Captcha_On_Login_options”

      September 6, 2014Reply
  • jay

    why if the hacker block your IP?

    August 23, 2014Reply
    • admin

      Try login using anoter IP and unblock the blocked ip, lol.

      September 6, 2014Reply
  • rico

    Works well, thank you :)


    August 26, 2014Reply
  • Mih

    WP 4.0

    Strict Standards: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, non-static method Anderson_Makiyama_Captcha_On_Login::check_blocked_ips_befor_all() should not be called statically in /wp-includes/plugin.php on line 505

    Strict Standards: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, non-static method Anderson_Makiyama_Captcha_On_Login::check_code() should not be called statically in /wp-includes/plugin.php on line 580

    Notice: Undefined index: Anderson_Makiyama_Captcha_On_Login_total_error_code in /wp-content/plugins/captcha-on-login/index.php on line 396

    Fatal error: Class ‘WP_Session_Tokens’ not found in /wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 879

    September 5, 2014Reply
    • admin

      Mih, update the plugin to version 2.0 and update the PHP version of your server to version 5 or highter.

      September 6, 2014Reply
  • Bourgeois


    could you add a feature to add Whitelisted IPs ?
    I have the problem on 2 installations (dont know why, perhaps cache problem ,…) but i block my own IP many times and have no other solution than to unactivate the plugin …


    September 10, 2014Reply
    • admin

      Hi, I will cosider it on the next version.

      November 17, 2014Reply
  • Charles Como

    Any way to add the code into a popup login page that I have.. what is the php code I can add to my template? If there is a way to do it.

    Thanks so much! Great plugin!


    November 4, 2014Reply
    • admin

      Charles, if you use the wp login page in a popup, I think the captcha will be displayed, of course.

      November 17, 2014Reply
  • Delia

    The images don’t show and GD library is installed on this server (it’s mine and a number of sites use GD.

    December 26, 2014Reply
    • Anderson Mak

      The plugin requires GD And Sessions Active on the Server. May be it the problem

      March 19, 2015Reply
  • Daryl van Sittert

    My captcha image wasn’t showing up. In the apache log file, I saw the error “Call to undefined function imagecreatefromjpeg()” and installed php-gd. Now it works fine.

    December 30, 2014Reply
    • Anderson Mak

      Thanks for sharing it. It may help others.

      March 19, 2015Reply
  • Oliver

    As mentioned some times already: a blank Image at the Login Screen locks me out of my Site. What is the Solution?

    March 14, 2015Reply
    • Anderson Mak

      Probably the PHP lib GD is not installed on your server. But I am going to plublish a new version witch will allow users with no GD lib installed to use the plugin.

      Of course, you can delete the plugin accessing your site via FTP.

      March 19, 2015Reply
  • Kevin Marshall

    I love this plugin and use it on many sites after being hacked before. On one of my sites, http://1149-2700.el-alt.com, the plugin keeps getting removed. Have you seen this before? Has someone hacked my site and is removing it? I’m on WordPress 4.1.1 and the latest version of WooCommerce.

    March 24, 2015Reply
    • Anderson Mak

      It’s very strange!

      April 17, 2015Reply
  • shahin


    how i can clear logs?

    April 22, 2015Reply
    • Anderson Mak

      Hi, it keeps only last 1000 login, then no need clear logs manualy.

      June 6, 2015Reply
  • Zlatko Perez-Luna

    I installed the plugin and it worked great. Then someone let me know that it was impossible to load the website from Chrome, that it was causing a cache overflow. I uninstalled the plugin and the issue disappeared. Still, I have to tell you that the plugin was otherwise exactly what I needed. Thank you.
    (WordPress 4.2.2)

    May 12, 2015Reply
  • James P. Williams

    Installed this on one of my site some months ago not I get the “image code did not match” message every time even though they match exactly. I installed on a new site andhave the same problem. How can I fix this?


    June 14, 2015Reply
  • Pascal

    I translate the PO lang in french and then put it with the MO in lang repertorie of your plugin but without success, the language is always in english!

    Please help me if possible.

    Thanks very lot
    Best regards

    July 13, 2015Reply
  • Wayne

    Please assist urgently. Picture does not show any text. Then I deleted the plugin from the directory. All this does is to remove the picture. I cannot get into the backend of my site. This is for WordPress 4.3

    September 11, 2015Reply
  • T

    Receiving this error: Error: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, non-static method Anderson_Makiyama_Captcha_On_Login::check_blocked_ips_befor_all() should not be called statically

    my error rate is through the roof now. Can you fix this? running latest WP 4.3.1 and latest PHP as well. What is going on with it?

    October 18, 2015Reply
  • fs

    Dear Anderson,

    I was really happy with Captcha-on-login. Since a few days the code did not show, so that I could not login anymore.
    I therefore deleted the whole plugin through ftp. However, now I cannot install the plugin again, not through ‘install’ nor through downloaded zip.file. Can you help, please? Much appreciated.

    Thank you.
    Kind regards, FS

    November 4, 2015Reply
  • Jocelyne

    Hi there
    I think I have made a silly mistake and not remembered my new user name when changing it.
    Now I cannot login to my site.
    What do I do now?

    December 14, 2015Reply
    • Anderson Mak

      hi, delete the plugin via ftp, delete the plugin folder to uninstall it.

      February 26, 2016Reply
  • Jocelyne

    Thank you btw!

    December 14, 2015Reply
  • Stephen Marcus

    Your plugin works great! I would also like to have the capture on the Registration page. Could you add that as an option?

    January 15, 2016Reply

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