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Plugin WordPress Captcha On Login

Nowadays, it is common hackers trying to get access to your blog, so, it is very important you make some actions to prevent your blog from being hacked. A good way to turn the login system of your blog more secure is to use that plugin Captcha on Login. It will Protect your blog from login brute force attacks adding a captcha on login page. That plugin also locks IPS after a specific number of login tries failed, note that on the plugin’s options page you can set these numbers.

Currently, the plugin also allow us to change the default admin username from admin to whatever you want. Changing the username of the admin is a great idea to prevent brute force atacks and turn your blog more secure.

Since version 1.0 the plugin has a report page, where you can see blocked ips and last 1000 sucess and failed logins and you can unblock blocked ips you wish.

PLugin Worpdress Captcha on Login

Take a look at the plugin settings page:

Plugins WordPress Captcha On Login

And the Report page:

Plugin captcha on login blog wp

And finally, the Login Page with the Image Code:

login page plugin catpcha

Plugin Download

You can download it directy from the WordPress Directory at:


This plugin will help you to turn your blog more secure. If you have any question about it, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

12 Responses to Plugin WordPress Captcha On Login

  • I’m using WP 3.5.2 and have discovered that some of my sites display your settings page just fine, while others only display a blank page. Any idea as to why?

    I reloaded your plugin several times with no success at getting the settings page to display and have deactivated the other plugins one by one, but cannot get the settings page to display.

  • Hello. We are using WP 3.6.1. The image code is not showing on login pages. All I see is a broken image link (screen shot… Any ideas? Thanks.

  • hi Admin,
    i love your this website and i am your member, let me know that as i have posted an article on website with my username so why i am unable to publish that ?
    will you publish it your self ?

  • Installed on wordpress 3.2.1 options and primary functions working fine but the banned ips and logs do not show up at all under the options page, after “Visual Settings”.

    All we can see is the author’s information.

    Version installed of the “captcha” is 1.1.

  • The text does not show in Google Chrome. Works in Firefox.

  • Hi there, have just uploaded plugin to my site running latest update of 3.7. Despite entering captcha details correctly plugin is refusing login, any ideas?

  • Hello,
    i have several sites, running all in latest wordpress version 3.7.1, and some of them are having issue with your plugin, the image displays no letter at all, no matter if i reload the page or resend the plugin.

    It completly blocks my administration access, do you have any solution ?

    • I found the problem, your plugin doesn’t go along with HC Custom WP-Admin URL so i used another plugin to reroot admin url

  • It seems plugin not always block IP address after 10 wrong logins.

    I have a lot of cases in log when somebody tried to enter wrong password even not trying to input CAPTCHA, but IP was not blocked.

    I see blocked IP once only.

  • Ola campeão! Tudo bem, eu gostaria Anderson que vc mandasse para mim uma vídeo aula ou uma matéria sobre como colocar a minha logo acima do painel administrativo do wordpress, se possível ! UM forte abraço (eu admiro o seu trabalho ).

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